Playlist for Thursday 27 August 2015

APPLE BOUTIQUE – Love resistance

BATS – The black and the blue


DOT DASH – Flowers

EVEN AS WE SPEAK – Beautiful day

FAUVES – Girlfriend for live


HIT PARADE – My favourite girl

IDHA OVELIUS – All my loving

JERICHO – Talking to myself

KISSING BOOK – Melbourne, AU

LIBRARY SIESTA – Feral children

MARIONETTES – Panda bears

NEW ORDER – Love less

OCEAN PARTY – Guess work

PRIMITIVES – Out of reach

QUASI – Tomorrow you’ll hide

REM – Orange crush

SMITHS – These things take time

TAME IMPALA – Feels like we only go backwards

UNREST – Soon it is going to rain

VELVET CRUSH – Circling the sun

WIRE – Ahead

WIRE – Map ref 41N 93W

XTC – Generals and majors

YOUNG WERTHER – Around the world

ZIG ZAG – Have I gone too far?

ZOMBIES – Time of the season

ZEBRAS – Biffin’s bridge

ZIMMERMEN – Don’t go to Sydney

ZEN MANTRA – (Maybe) I’ll see you in my dreams