Playlist for Thursday 28 February 2019

Guest presenter: Abigail Meadows

ALVVAYS – Adult diversion

FRANKIE COSMOS – Accommodate

THE BYRDS – What’s happening?

EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL – I don’t understand anything


JONI MITCHELL – Barangrill

LIZ PHAIR – May queen



JULIANA HATFIELD – Everybody loves me but you

THE ORIELLES – Bobbi’s second world

THE ORIELLES – Old stuff, new glass

PATTI SMITH – Because the night

PJ HARVEY – A perfect day Elise

SAINT ETIENNE – Only love can break your heart

SOKO – No more home, no more love

THE CLIENTELE – We could walk together

THE CURE – Catch

HINDS – New for you

STARS – Midnight coward

DIANAS – leave love

DICK DIVER – Tearing the posters down


KATE BUSH – The morning fog

PIXIES – Monkey gone to heaven

BELLE & SEBASTIAN – If she wants me

ANGEL OLSEN – Shut up kiss me

JESUS & MARY CHAIN – Just like honey

THE STROPPIES – Nothing at all

GOAT GIRL – The man

COURTNEY BARNETT – Nobody really cares if you don’t go to the party

CLEANERS FROM VENUS – I can’t stop holding on


Playlist for Thursday 21 February 2019

Jangle #301

BELLE & SEBASTIAN – Another sunny day (for Ian Crusty)

ANOTHER SUNNY DAY – You should all be murdered (for Emma House)

MATTHEW SWEET – Looking at the sun (for Paul Kindred)

THE LA’S – There she goes (for Ed Wong and Julia Bevilacqua)

VELVET UNDERGROUND – What goes on (for Matt Rolfe)

THE PASTELS – Million tears (for Sofia)

THE BEATLES – If I needed someone (for Steve Mac and Paul Kindred)

THE BYRDS – The bells of Rhymney (for Martín Jiménez)

THE BYRDS – Turn, turn, turn (for Ian Freeman and Steve Mac)

REM – Fall on me (for Isabelle Girvan and Steve Mac)

NORTHERN PORTRAIT – When goodness falls (for Alexander Glansholm)

THE WHO – Substitute (for Paul Mortensen)

CLOSE LOBSTERS – Never seen before (for Alex Bummer)

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS – Listen to her heart (for Ian Freeman)

THE OUTNUMBERED – Sit with me in the dark (for Rev Recluse)

THE RAZORCUTS – Sorry to embarrass you (for Edward Metcalf, Christie Sol and Rob Spanjersberg)

PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART – Stay alive (for Alan Muttley)

WEDDING PRESENT – You should always keep in touch with your friends (for Dermot Greene)

THE SMITHS – William, it was really nothing (for Matthew Byrne)

THE SMITHS – This charming man (for Danni Moore)

THE JAM – A town called malice (for Jean)

A HOUSE – I’ll always be grateful (for Dermot Greene)

FANTASTIC SOMETHING – Home in another heart (for Wally Salem)

THE BATS – Made up in blue (for Ed Wong)

THE CHESTERFIELDS – Completely and utterly (for Paul Stewart)

THE KINKS – See my friends (for James Shoesmith)

STRAITJACKET FITS – Down in splendour (for Steave Tanuki)

RAILWAY CHILDREN – In the meantime (for Joel Sprake)

THE BRUNETTES – Polyester meets Acetate (for Paul Mortensen)

TEENAGE FANCLUB – Don’t look back (for Paul Kindred and Ben Pickard)

BOO RADLEYS – Lazy day (for Amelia Rose)



Playlist for Thursday 14 February 2019

Jangle #300

THE SMITHS – Heaven knows I’m miserable now (for Martín Jiménez)

THE CHILLS – Heavenly pop hit (for Ben Pickard and Uwe Batke)

PRIMAL SCREAM – Velocity girl (for Sue @MrsGreatLakes, Steve Mac and DJ Doo-Lang)

RAILWAY CHILDREN – Brighter (for Jason Myles, Phil @Ceremony38)

CAMERA OBSCURA – Honey in the sun (for Stephanie @peripixie and Matthew Byrne)

ORANGE JUICE – Lovesick (for Alan Muttley)

THE FAIRWAYS – Darlin’ don’t you think? (for Peter Lenaghan)

REM – Harborcoat (for Sandy Wishart and Dermott Greene)

WEATHER PROPHETS – Almost prayed (for Danny Foster and Steve Parker)

THE BATS – Trouble in this town (for Frozen Lazuras)

THE DENTISTS – I had an excellent dream (for Beth Arzy and Cozy Slippers)

McCARTHY – Red sleeping beauty (for Johnny Nocash)

HEAVENLY – C is the Heavenly option (for Abigail)

LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS – Perfect skin (for Danielle Moore and Si Farrier)

THE BYRDS – Feel a whole lot better (for Rob Morgan)

MATTHEW SWEET – I’ve been waiting (for Snarky Elf)

DESERT WOLVES – Speak to me Rochelle (for Stephen Maughan)

THE CLIENTELE – We could walk together (for J Hearn Wardale)

BIG STAR – September gurls (for Evan Gould and Matt Rolfe)

MAZARIN – Another one goes by (for Esther Ybarrondo)

GEORGE HARRISON – My sweet Lord (for Kieran Doolan)

THE SPRINGFIELDS – Sunflower (for Country Mile)

LOOK BLUE GO PURPLE – Cactus cat (for Paul Mortensen and Ed Wong)

THE HUMMINGBIRDS –Everything you said (for Lucas Mayhew)

YOU AM I – Mr Milk (for Simon W Stockdale)

THE CHESTERFIELDS – Ask Johnny Dee (for Edward Metcalf)

BLUEBOY – Meet Johnny Rave (for Bennett Dean and J Hearn Wardale)

BRILLIANT CORNERS – Brian Rix (for Paul Stewart)

PIXEY – Young (for Darrin)

MIRACLE LEGION – All for the best (for Chuck’s Confused and Cozy Slippers)

THE STEMS – At first sight (for Danny Foster and Eleanor Gray)

MIGHTY MIGHTY – Is there anyone out there? (for Darren Jones)

THE CHURCH – Almost with you (for Steave Tanuki and Ian Freeman)

* Will play more listeners’ selections next week…

Playlist for Thursday 7 February 2019

MIGHTY MIGHTY – Built like a car


THE BEATLES – Drive my car

THE MAUREENS – 20 years for the company


DUNCAN SAIGE – Thoughts of you without me

MOOSE – Little bird (are you happy in your cage?)

JESUS & MARY CHAIN – Happy when it rains

TRACEY THORN – Too happy

OCEAN PARTY – Nothing grows

DAG – Staying up at night

THE STEVENS – Challenger

NEW ORDER – Dreams never end

REAL ESTATE – Talking backwards

SUNBEAM SOUND MACHINE – Talking distance

FAR CASPIAN – Conversations

FREELOVE FENNER – In the sound


GOLDEN RAIL – Shine patiently

GOLDEN RAIL – Don’t let go of the light

GOLDEN RAIL – The sky is always blue

P J HARVEY – A place called home

BLONDIE – Hanging on the telephone

PAVEMENT – Grounded

TINY RUINS – How much

SODASTREAM – Saturday’s ash

BEIRUT – Landslide

McCARTHY – And tomorrow the stock exchange will be the human race

VELVET CRUSH – Time wraps around you

FELT – Evergreen dazed