Playlist for Thursday 21 February 2019

Jangle #301

BELLE & SEBASTIAN – Another sunny day (for Ian Crusty)

ANOTHER SUNNY DAY – You should all be murdered (for Emma House)

MATTHEW SWEET – Looking at the sun (for Paul Kindred)

THE LA’S – There she goes (for Ed Wong and Julia Bevilacqua)

VELVET UNDERGROUND – What goes on (for Matt Rolfe)

THE PASTELS – Million tears (for Sofia)

THE BEATLES – If I needed someone (for Steve Mac and Paul Kindred)

THE BYRDS – The bells of Rhymney (for Martín Jiménez)

THE BYRDS – Turn, turn, turn (for Ian Freeman and Steve Mac)

REM – Fall on me (for Isabelle Girvan and Steve Mac)

NORTHERN PORTRAIT – When goodness falls (for Alexander Glansholm)

THE WHO – Substitute (for Paul Mortensen)

CLOSE LOBSTERS – Never seen before (for Alex Bummer)

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS – Listen to her heart (for Ian Freeman)

THE OUTNUMBERED – Sit with me in the dark (for Rev Recluse)

THE RAZORCUTS – Sorry to embarrass you (for Edward Metcalf, Christie Sol and Rob Spanjersberg)

PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART – Stay alive (for Alan Muttley)

WEDDING PRESENT – You should always keep in touch with your friends (for Dermot Greene)

THE SMITHS – William, it was really nothing (for Matthew Byrne)

THE SMITHS – This charming man (for Danni Moore)

THE JAM – A town called malice (for Jean)

A HOUSE – I’ll always be grateful (for Dermot Greene)

FANTASTIC SOMETHING – Home in another heart (for Wally Salem)

THE BATS – Made up in blue (for Ed Wong)

THE CHESTERFIELDS – Completely and utterly (for Paul Stewart)

THE KINKS – See my friends (for James Shoesmith)

STRAITJACKET FITS – Down in splendour (for Steave Tanuki)

RAILWAY CHILDREN – In the meantime (for Joel Sprake)

THE BRUNETTES – Polyester meets Acetate (for Paul Mortensen)

TEENAGE FANCLUB – Don’t look back (for Paul Kindred and Ben Pickard)

BOO RADLEYS – Lazy day (for Amelia Rose)