About It’s a jangle out there

It’s a jangle out there is a radio show on MAINfm, a community station broadcasting on 94.9 FM in Castlemaine, central Victoria, Australia.  Presented by Josh Meadows, the program goes to air from 5pm to 7pm every Thursday.  Tune in on 94.9 FM if you’re in Castlemaine, or listen live here or with the TuneIn app.

You can listen back to some of Josh’s interviews with various guests on MAINfm’s Soundcloud page.

From September 2018, most episodes have been recorded and made accessible on MAINfm’s Mixcloud page.

20 thoughts on “About It’s a jangle out there

  1. Three Stephens in a row last week… Malkmus could’ve been a fourth. When too many Stephens is not enough.

  2. So good to hear the show at last Josh – all bookmarked and alarm set from here on!
    Go Vinyl on Digital!

  3. Attention : Josh Meadows

    Thank you for playing my song Shine A Light on your show yesterday..
    Much appreciated
    Glen Anderson

  4. Hi Josh! ~Thanks for Playing Julienne Clarks ‘Three Goal Geoff’ again yesterday! This track will be featured on our forthcoming Blaamm! Records CD release ‘The Great British Beat Volume 1’
    out at the end of July! – Diane Kenwill – Blaamm! Records Press

  5. Hi Josh, the playlists look great. Any chance you could post podcast or mp3 archives of the shows so those of us in the USA could listen (difficult to tune in with the time change). Thanks. Matt

  6. Hi Matt, the station has (long term) plans to make podcasts available, but I wouldn’t hold your breath, unfortunately. If/when it happens I will link to them from this site. Watch this space. Thanks for your feedback. Josh

  7. Hi Josh, I got an email from my good friend Wally who runs The beautiful music label and he said that you were playing songs from A Riot of Colour’s Everywhere A Maltby CD. Thank you! I was in that band back in the UK. I now reside in Newcastle, the NSW variety. Cheers, Ali.

  8. Good to hear from you, Ali! Wally regularly supplies me with good music, for which I am most grateful. The (A) Riot of Colour stuff is great. Let me know if you’re ever in central Victoria. Josh

  9. Wow thanks Josh for playing another track by the milestone band ,can’t believe we were part of such a great set list !! Amazing show !!

  10. Awesome show again !! you played us after my all time favourite band big star , how cool is that !!

  11. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you! Yes, I would love to hear new Treasures of Mexico material. Have sent you an email.

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